reduce material waste
BA-degree project / 2014

sheer tights, profane pieces of clothing with a high tendency to ladder, are reprocessed into fabric together with other materials. innovative textile designs emerge: robust and sophisticated double weaves, tube weaves, but also simple weaves for application in fashion and product design. only at second glance the sheer tights can be detected in the weaves and ensure a moment of surprise. the motivation is to reduce textile waste, so-called pre and post-consumer waste, and to upcycle intelligently. the sheer tights woven into the weft originate from a promising collaboration with a clothing bank in hamburg Kleiderkammer Wilhelmsburg that developed in the course of the bachelor thesis. this project was distinguished with the Bavarian State Award for Young Designers 2014.

photography: Tillmann Engel
human: Yalda Moinzadeh