dracaena draco

samples and colour experiment // 2019

Harvesting resin from the 50-60 years old dragon trees from the former prison in Trafaria, Portugal led to a various reddish colour range. The samples were made on pre-mordant natural fiber material like silk, wool and cotton. Furthermore handmade paper, rice paper and thai cigarette paper was used.

Finding out the approximate age of the dragon trees happend by a coincidence. A former prisoner came by the gate and entered the building. He did a tour around and gave a clarification about the space, his experiences and the garden. He left telling us that the prison is a good place with good energy - he preferred to be a prisoner than serving the military during the authoritarian regime.
On the 25th of April 1974 the military coup characterised by red carnations overthrew the regime.



photo: philipp meuser