alles andere als rosa*
MA-degree project / 2017

*anything other than pink is a project that explores the basic human need for geborgenheit. geborgenheit is a german word which has no accurate translation in other langu- ages. the nearest translation might be security or a description of feelings related to warmth and wellbeing. the experimental approach was the translation of the feeling ge- borgenheit into unique textiles with the technique of dyeing and weaving. geborgenheit is necessary to deal with stressful situations and appears through individual rituals or situations that were experienced in each individual childhood. one personal and individual association and helping moment to feel good is my preference to choose the colour pink. this association ties in with a succinct childhood memory: spending summer holidays and my grandmothers’ place which had a pink bathroom. as the ability to call up the feeling of geborgenheit is experienced since the early age - the preference in pink and its justifcation in it. beside it is told or tried to proof that pink has a calming effect on stressed humans.

the technical aim in textile was to search for an individual pink-recipe that can be used to dye the weaving material. but it was not easy to do so. the result was anything else than pink and lead to the concept of the open-ended research strategy. although pink is not visible in the woven pieces and blue is dominating,
it is possible to feel the idea of pink.

the exhibition at the xpon-Art gallery was planned with the help of: Torben Spieker
the food was made by: GARDEN / Jasmin Baltres
musical perfomance by: Elsa Hewitt

photography: David Reimann & Louisa Boeszoermeny
styling: Hiroko Kira
models: Quincy Benefo, Jonathan Mutton, Malva Cepeda Fernández