Nicole is an artist and textile designer based in Hamburg. Her work is affected by her interest in anthropological, ethnological, sociological and botanical researches and experimental material studies. The main focus is to transform knowledge, emotions and observations in visual and haptic experiences mainly by weaving or any related techniques to textiles. Her work appears from small to big, in cumulations and one of a kinds.

She offers customised work, assistance and consulting for textile solutions either in aesthetics or technical solutions in woven fabrics. Beside Kiersz has experience in teaching. 


 photo: simone karl


2014 - 2017 MA design, HAW Hamburg
2010 - 2014 BA textile design, HAW Hamburg
2009 - 2010  art history & indology, University of Hamburg

awards, nominations, grants & other special events

2019 _ research work in Chiang Mai Thailand 
         _ artist in residence Refugium, Trafaria, Portugal
         _ artist in residence Künstlerhäuser Worpswede
2018 _ German Design Award - Newcomer 2019, nominee
         _ artist in residence Prisão Paraíso, Trafaria, Portugal
         _ grant Unseren Künsten, Claussen-Simon-Stiftung, Hamburg 
         _ winner
2017 _ Justus Brinckmann Förderpreis 2017, nominee
2016 _ research grant IKAT/eCut, Thailand
2015 _ Bayerischer Staatspreis für Nachwuchsdesinger 2014, winner

selected exhibitions & events

2020 _  RE-MEMEBER, K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, textile design and costume concept

2019 _ Soft Design Dialog, guest contribution and lecture,
            Chiang Mai, Thailand 
         _ M19, Villa Metzler, Frankfurt am Main

         _ Neue Einheit, Hamburger Architektur Sommer 2019,
            Raum LinksRechts, Hamburg
         _ alles andere als rosa, Hallo:Festspiele, Kraftwerk Bille, Hamburg
         _ TALENTE 2019, internationale Handwerskmesse 2019, Munich

2017 _ Messe Kunst und Handwerk, Justus Brinckmann Förderpreis 2017,
            Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
         _ alles andere als rosa, Xpon-art gallery, Hamburg

2015 _ ETC. PP, Fernando de Brito & Nicole Kiersz,
            less political-coffee cotton causes, Hamburg

         _ Bayerischer Staatspreis für Nachwuchsdesinger 2014
            BMW Museum, Munich & Coburger designtage, Coburg


Enasios e Diálogos _ association member 
_ Anette Guther _ assistance in costume design and weaving
_ Teresa Hoffmann _ author and choreographer
_ Gabriele Leuter _ costume design assistance in weaving for: TXTORRENT,
   Kostümfundus Babelsberg 
_ Svenja Keune _ technical and conceptual support for the PhD project
  “On Textile Farming: Living Indoors” 
Aiko Tezuka _ project management and technical consulting for REWOVEN
   (Abu Dhabi ver. 2018) 
Studio HildmannWilke in cooperation with Karoline Butzert _ commission work
   for BalanDeli, Munich